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Welcome to the Omni user guide! This guide shows you everything from getting started to more advanced deployments with Omni.

What is Omni?

Omni is a Kubernetes management platform that simplifies the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters on any environment to provide a simple, secure, and resilient platform. It automates cluster creation, management and upgrades, and integrates Kubernetes and Omni access into enterprise identity providers. While Omni does provide a powerful UI, tight integration with Talos Linux means the platform is 100% API-driven from Linux to Kubernetes to Omni.


Omni automates the creation of a highly available API endpoint, transparently provides secure encryption, and automates Kubernetes and OS upgrades. Omni works just as well on the edge as it does for large data centers.

Omni is also available for license for on-premises installations.


Omni creates clusters with both Kubernetes and the OS configured for best-practices security. All traffic to Omni is wireguard-encrypted. Optionally, traffic between the cluster nodes can be encrypted, allowing clusters to span insecure networks. Integration with enterprise identity providers ensures that even admin-level kubeconfig is validated against current user access-lists.

Is Omni for me?

Omni is excellent for managing clusters in just about any environment you have. Machines in the cloud, on-premise, edge, home - they all can be managed with Omni. Unique to Omni you can even create hybrid clusters consisting of machines in disparate locations around the world.

Some common use cases are:

  • On-premise bare metal clusters that can be scaled up with machines in the cloud
  • Edge clusters that are supported by machines in the data center and/or cloud
  • Mixed cloud
  • Single node edge clusters

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