Omni Documentation

Welcome to the Omni user guide! This guide shows you everything from getting started to more advanced deployments with Omni.

What is Omni?

Omni is a Kubernetes management platform that diverges from the typical managed services design in order to provide a simple, secure, and resilient platform that can be operated in nearly any environment. Tight integration with Talos Linux means the platform is 100% API-driven from Linux to Kubernetes to Omni.


Omni can run practically anywhere delivered as a single statically linked binary that contains everything needed to get up and operational quickly and easily. Single instance and high availability modes means Omni works just as well on the edge as it does for large data centers. The embeded Kubernetes API load balancing means you get highly available Kubernetes out of the box.


Omni is designed around the idea of data sovereignty, that is to say that you own your data. Instead of trusting the security practices of outside entities Omni provides you with full control over you data. As a SaaS this means that all Sidero Labs Omni users retain full control over their data and Omni goes to great lengths to ensure it is secured. For platform teams this means you can offer the same benefits to your users!

Is Omni for me?

Omni is excellent for managing clusters in just about any environment you have. Machines in the cloud, on-premise, edge, home - they all can be managed with Omni. Unique to Omni you can even create hybrid clusters consisting of machines in disparate locations around the world.

Some common use cases are:

  • On-premise bare metal clusters that can be scaled up with machines in the cloud
  • Edge clusters that are supported by machines in the data center and/or cloud
  • Mixed cloud
  • Single node edge clusters

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