Omni KMS Disk Encryption

Starting from 1.5.0, Talos supports KMS (Key Management Server) disk encryption key types. KMS keys are randomly generated on the Talos node and then sealed using the KMS server. A sealed key is stored in the luks2 metadata. To decrypt a disk, Talos node needs to communicate with the KMS server and decrypt the sealed key. The KMS server endpoint is defined in the key configuration.

If the Cluster resource has diskencryption enabled, Omni creates a config patch for each cluster machine and sets key’s KMS endpoint to the Omni gRPC API. Each disk encryption key is sealed using an AES256 key managed by Omni:

  • Omni generates a random AES256 key for a machine when it is allocated.
  • When the machine is wiped the encryption key is deleted.