Install and Configure Omnictl

A guide on installing and configuring omnictl for Omni.

This guide shows you how to install and configure omnictl.

Download omnictl and omniconfig from the Omni dashboard.

Add the downloaded omniconfig.yaml to the default location to use it with omnictl:

cp omniconfig.yaml ~/.config/omni/config

If you would like to merge the omniconfig.yaml with an existing configuration, use the following command:

omnictl config merge ./omniconfig.yaml

List the contexts to verify that the omniconfig was added:

$ omnictl config contexts

Run omnictl for the first time to perform initial authentication using a web browser:

omnictl get clusters

If the browser window does not open automatically, it can be opened manually by copying and pasting the URL into a web browser:

BROWSER=echo omnictl get clusters