Install Talos System Extensions

A guide on how to install Talos system extensions.

On the overview page click “Download Installation Media” button:

Select the list of extensions you want to be installed on the machine, Talos version and installation media type:

Click “Download”:

Boot the machine with that installation media. It will have all extensions installed.

Create a file called cluster.yaml with the following content:

kind: Cluster
name: example
  version: v1.29.1
  version: v1.6.7
  - siderolabs/hello-world-service
kind: ControlPlane
  - <control plane machine UUID>
kind: Workers
  - <worker machine UUID>
kind: Machine
name: <control plane machine UUID>
kind: Machine
name: <worker machine UUID>
  disk: /dev/<disk>
  - siderolabs/nvidia-container-toolkit
  - siderolabs/nvidia-fabricmanager
  - siderolabs/nvidia-open-gpu-kernel-modules
  - siderolabs/nonfree-kmod-nvidia

Now, validate the document:

omnictl cluster template validate -f cluster.yaml

Create the cluster:

omnictl cluster template sync -f cluster.yaml --verbose

Finally, wait for the cluster to be up:

omnictl cluster template status -f cluster.yaml

The cluster will have hello-world-service extension installed on the control plane and all nvidia drivers on the worker.