Register a Bare Metal Machine (PXE/iPXE)

A guide on how to register a bare metal machines with Omni using PXE/iPXE.

This guide shows you how to register a bare metal machine with Omni by PXE/iPXE booting.

Copy the Required Kernel Parameters

Upon logging in you will be presented with the Omni dashboard. Click the “Copy Kernel Parameters” button and save the value for later.

Download the PXE/iPXE Assets

Download vmlinuz and initramfs.xz from the release of your choice (Talos Linux 1.2.6 or greater is required), and place them in /var/lib/matchbox/assets.

Create the Profile

Place the following in /var/lib/matchbox/profiles/default.json:

  "id": "default",
  "name": "default",
  "boot": {
    "kernel": "/assets/vmlinuz",
    "initrd": ["/assets/initramfs.xz"],
    "args": [
      "siderolink.api=<your siderolink.api value>",
      "<your value>",
      "talos.logging.kernel=<your talos.logging.kernel value>"

Update siderolink.api,, and talos.logging.kernel with the kernel parameters copied from the dashboard.

Place the following in /var/lib/matchbox/groups/default.json:

Create the Group

  "id": "default",
  "name": "default",
  "profile": "default"

Once your machine is configured to PXE boot using your tool of choice, power the machine on.


Navigate to the “Machines” menu in the sidebar. You should now see a machine listed.

You now have a bare metal machine registered with Omni and ready to provision.