Back Up On-prem Omni Database

This guide shows you how to back up the database of an on-prem Omni instance.

Omni uses etcd as its database.

There are 2 operating modes for etcd: embedded and external.

When Omni is run with --etcd-embedded=true flag, it will configure the embedded etcd server to listen the addresses specified by the --etcd-endpoints flag (http://localhost:2379 by default).

In the same host where Omni is running (in Docker, --network=host needs to be used), you can use the etcdctl command to back up the database:

etcdctl --endpoints http://localhost:2379 snapshot save snapshot.db

The command will save the snapshot of the database to the snapshot.db file.

It is recommended to periodically (e.g. with a cron job) take snapshots and store them in a safe location, like an S3 bucket.